Terms and Conditions


A 12-month warranty is supplied with all our products. This covers problems arising from both workmanship and materials but excludes any problems from misuse of the items.

Please note that timber, being a natural product, will always be liable to move/warp/shrink and expand.

You may notice cracks appearing on your garden furniture, this is because each piece is submerged during pressure treatment and will then dry out slowly on our racks in our workshop. When the furniture leaves our workshop it will dry out very quickly in the wind and sun and as it dries out each piece will shrink slightly. Where the screws hold the pieces together the timber cannot move freely resulting in surface cracks. After a month or so the moisture level in the timber will stabilise.

If any problems arise outside of the 12-month warranty, we will always be happy to help, we can advise and if necessary provide replacement parts or conduct the repairs ourselves.

Privacy Policy

Any information provided to us will only be used by ourselves in completing your order and delivery. We will not pass on any of your details to any third party.

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