Your questions answered


How do I place my order?
Please call us on 01377 538477 to place your order. We will be able to guide you through all the options and extras and make recommendations. We accept credit and debit card payments over the phone.

Do I need to pay the full amount upfront?
No, you can pay a 50% deposit upfront and the remainder just before your chairs are dispatched.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders will usually be available for delivery between 3-weeks and 1 month. I will be able to give you an accurate timescale when you call and then as soon as I know when your furniture will be finished, I will let you know, and we will work out the best delivery day with you.

Can I see your furniture before I buy?
Yes, we have a showroom near our workshop where you will be able to see and try out all our products. Please give us a call to arrange a visit to make sure there will be someone available to show you around.

Is your furniture really delivered fully assembled or is there some assembly required?
Our furniture is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. We can supply certain items part-assembled on request.

Can I collect my order from your workshop?
Of course, you would also be able to see our full range of furniture.

Would I be better off buying hardwood furniture?
It is not the timber that causes a piece of furniture to fail - it is how it is put together. Over years of use the glue bond and fixings that hold furniture together can work themselves loose causing instability/rocking that will get progressively worse if not repaired. This is the case with Hardwood, Cedar and every other timber. Any furniture is only ever as good as the man who made it. All the timber we use has been responsibly sourced.

Do you supply a warranty?
Yes, all our products are covered by a 12-month warranty. We are very passionate about what we do and strive to create products that will last and last. If you have any problems with our furniture outside of the warranty period, we will be able to advise and assist.


Do I need to treat my garden furniture, or does it require any maintenance?
All our garden furniture has been pressure treated (tantalised) and therefore does not require any further treatment. It will turn a silvery colour over the course of the first few years. Some people prefer to oil their chairs as this will keep them looking like new with minimal effort.

Can I paint/treat my garden furniture?
Yes, but you should leave your furniture outside in relatively dry/sunny conditions for a few weeks before painting or treating. This is to ensure that the timber has dried out enough from the pressure treatment process before painting. We would also recommend that you paint your furniture within the first year. We also offer a painting service for all our products – please see product listings for prices.

Does my garden furniture need to be taken in over winter?
While doing this will inevitably prolong the life of your items, the pressure treatment it has received will ensure that it remains rot free for many years whether inside or out.

Why have small cracks appeared in my garden furniture?
You may notice small cracks appearing in your furniture,this is because each piece of timber is submerged during pressure treatment and will then dry out slowly on our racks in our workshop. When the furniture leaves our workshop, it will dry out very quickly in the wind and sun and as it dries out each piece will shrink slightly. Where the screws hold the pieces together the timber cannot move freely resulting in surface cracks. After a month or so the moisture level in the timber will stabilise.

Will your garden furniture’s screws go rusty?
We use screws that have received a special corrosion resistant coating. They may discolour over the years but not rust to the point of weakening your furniture or staining the timber or your clothing - it will just be a slight discolouration over years of use.

Do you supply covers and cushions for your outdoor furniture?
We do not supply covers and cushions, but we can recommend items that we have tried out. These are readily available to buy on the internet – please ask us for details.