Classic Adirondack Chair
from £257

Or £222 each when buying 2 or more.

Standard Features

  • Fully Assembled Delivery.
  • Pressure Treated (Tanalised) for a long, maintenance-free life.
  • Edges rounded over for comfort.
  • Made from solid redwood (no laminated or engineered timber).
  • Glued, screwed and bolted for extra strength.

Custom Options

  • Seating height - standard or raised 3” making it easier to get in and out.
  • Back slat height - standard or 4” taller (specially designed for the taller amongst us).
  • Screw heads - leave showing or we can hide them for a neater look.
  • Painted in your choice of colour.

Maximum Dimensions: (depth x width x height) 105cm/41.5" x 80cm/31.5" x 112cm/44" Weight: 15kg

With pressure treated timber you may notice small cracks appearing (often in the arms), this is caused by the timber drying out very rapidly in the sun and wind. This is completely normal and will not effect the durability of your furniture. See an example.
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Classic Adirondack Chairs
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Designed and Handmade in Yorkshire
Free Fully Assembled Delivery
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Made to Order From Solid Timber
Product Details

Classic, simple, 100-year old design offering unrivalled comfort - this is truly the most comfortable garden furniture about. The wide arms hold a book, a glass or a cup as comfortably as the shaped timber slats hold you.

As these Adirondack Chairs have already been pressure treated there is never any need to apply any additional paint, varnish or preservative. Some people prefer to have their Adirondack Chairs painted but this is purely cosmetic.

Our Adirondack Chairs are made from chunky 20mm thick timber to ensure stability for years to come.

We supply these Adirondack Chairs to homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts.

These Adirondack Chairs make the perfect addition to your garden, conservatory or summerhouse and you can rest assured that when you buy from us you are making a purchase that will last for years.

Why not combine this chair with our matching folding footstool to turn it into a lounger or our matching table for that little extra space.

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Create Your Adirondack Chair

Step 1: Choose Your Seating Height

Regular seating height.

Extra High (+ £10)
Extra 3" makes it a little easier to get in and out of what is traditionally a very low chair.

Please note:

The extra high seat option is best suited to people over 5'8" otherwise feet may not touch the ground.

Step 2: Choose Your Back Slat Height

Regular back slat height.

Extra Tall (+ £15)
Extra 4” added to the back slats makes it ideal for taller people (over 6 Foot).

Step 3: Screw Head Options

Screw Heads Showing

Screw Heads Filled (+ £19)
Best option if painting. Gives a neater finish. The filler colour will not be quite the same colour as the timber but as close as we can get it and looks especially good when painted.

Hidden Behind Timber Plugs (+ £39)
Not suitable if painting. Circular plugs of matching timber are inserted over the screw head. This is the best option if you are not painting your chair(s) as the plug will match the surrounding timber and the screw heads become invisible.

Final Step: Choose Your Finish - All colours cost £79
Please note, you may notice some water marks on the flat surfaces of your furniture in the first few weeks. This is a result of some of the dye used in the treated process bleeding through and it will all wash out within a few weeks to leave an unblemished finish. See an example.

Natural (+ £0)

Highland Marsh


White (+ £15 per item)

Muted Clay

Dazzling Yellow

Buttercup Blast

Med Glaze



Sky Reflection

Forget Me Not


Somerset Green

Rich Berry

Summer Damson

Black Ash

Sweet Sundae

Seasoned Oak


Fresh Rosemary

Atomic Red (+ £15 per item)

If you would prefer a colour not listed please make a selection from the Cuprinol Garden Shades range and enter it below.
Their full choice of colours can be found on the Cuprinol website.

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