Workbench with Storage

Back shelving, lower shelf & drawer storage.

Storage Options

  • Back Shelving
  • Lower Shelf (half, three quarter or full depth)
  • 1 or 2 Drawers

All Workbenches Include

  • Free Fully Assembled Delivery (or part assembled if preferred).
  • Chunky 3" x 3" Legs for maximum sturdiness and strong 33mm or 69mm Thick Worktop.

Custom Options

  • 15 size options ranging from 0.7m x 0.58m to 2.1m x 0.87m or your own custom size.
  • Standard height of 0.95m but can be adjusted to suit.

Optional Extras

  • Choice of 4 different vices including: Engineer’s, Quick Release and End/Tail vices.
  • Bench Dogs and Dog Holes to provide more clamping options.
  • Tool well recess running the length of the worktop (only available with 69mm Thick Worktop option)
  • Lockable 75mm Nylon Swivelling Castor Wheels for easy moving.
  • 2mm Thick Galvanised Steel Sheet top.
  • Varnished to help prevent scuffing and staining.
  • Screw heads hidden behind timber plugs for a neater finish.
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Workbench with StorageBack shelving, lower shelf & drawer storage.
Designed and Handmade in Yorkshire
Free Fully Assembled Delivery
All Prices Displayed Include VAT
Made to Order From Solid Timber
About our Workbench with Storage

These beautifully crafted traditional workbenches with storage are solid and built to last a lifetime. Each bench is made to order from solid redwood in our workshop in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The worktop is glued from specially selected redwood - this is thoroughly checked for twisting, warping and cracking before being joined to make the worktop.

The workbench frame is made from chunky 33mm thick timber to ensure that it cannot be pulled and twisted out of shape and makes for a 100% rigid bench.

We supply these workbenches to schools, colleges, businesses, craftsmen, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

Our workbench with storage makes the perfect addition to your workshop, garage or garden shed and you can rest assured that when you buy from us you are making a purchase that will last for years and years.

Our potting benches also make for fantastic workbenches and are available with a steel top and upstand if required. These can be left outside all year round as they have been made using pressure treated timber.
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Phone Orders: 01377 538477

Create Your Custom Workbench

Step 1: Choose Your Style

33mm Thick Worktop
A great all-round bench providing great stability and rigidity.

69mm Thick Worktop
For those looking for an extra heavy workbench.

69mm Thick Worktop with Tool Well
Extra heavy workbench with a recess running the length of the bench to prevent your tools rolling off.

Enter required height (standard workbench height is 95cm)

If your required size isn't listed above, enter it below

Step 2: Shelf Options

No Shelf

Half Depth Shelf
Preferable if planning to sit down at your bench as this provides plenty of legroom.

The price for adding this feature depends on the size of the worktop selected in Step 1.

Three Quarter Depth Shelf
Suits users who will be occasionally sitting or perching at their bench on a stool.

The price for adding this feature depends on the size of the worktop selected in Step 1.

Full Depth Shelf
Best if you will be mainly standing at your workbench as legroom will be filled by shelf.

The price for adding this feature depends on the size of the worktop selected in Step 1.

Step 3: Vice Options - Maximum of 3 vices per bench

6" Vice (+ £49)

5" Swivelling Engineers Vice (+ £75)

7" Quick Release Vice (+ £99)

Include Bench Dog Holes in a line back from the vice?

12" Quick Release End Vice (+ £119)

Include 2 lines of Bench Dog Holes starting at the vice?

If no vice is required please leave all tick boxes blank.

Enter any additional details you want to share about your vice positioning

Step 4: Draw Options

No Drawers

1 Drawer in Apron (+ £69)

2 Drawers in Apron (+ £99)

3 Drawer Set Left Side (+£229)

3 Drawer Set Right Side (+ £229)

3 Drawer Set Both Sides (+ £449)

Drawer sets are available on benches with a minimum width of 1m.

If you require only 1 drawer set (right or left hand side) the other end of the workbench will have our standard workbench legs.

Drawer sets can be combined with all variations of lower shelf. The price of the lower shelf will be less than shown in Step 2 as the shelf will not be as wide. Please select your lower shelf option in Step 2 and I will email the quote to you with the recalculated price.

Step 5: Wheel Options

No Wheels

With Wheels (+ £39)
The lockable 75mm Nylon Swivelling Castor Wheels allow for very easy movement and enable your bench to be pushed to one side when not in use. Please note, there will be some inevitable rocking movement when carrying out heavy duty work (i.e. hand-sawing)

12" Barrow Wheels (+ £75)

Step 6: Additional Options

Add upstands to prevent tools rolling off and dust falling down the back and/or sides.

Galvanised Steel Sheet Worktop

The price for adding this feature depends on the size of the worktop selected in Step 1.

Back Shelving Unit

The price for adding this feature depends on the size of the worktop selected in Step 1.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Hidden Screws
Screws can be hidden for a neater finish.

As standard, without adding this option, screw heads are visible as shown in the image below.

Varnished Timber
A clear matt varnish finish will help prevent staining and scuffing, keeping your bench looking like new for longer.

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